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Some of the photographs of German-Brazilian Alberto Henschel, who was named “Photographer of the Imperial House” in 1874: 

  • Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca (c. 1881), who would go on to oust the Emperor of Brazil in 1889 and become the first president of the newly-established Brazilian Republic.
  • A Black woman from Pernambuco (c. 1870). Henschel is renowned for his many portraits of Brazil’s Black population, both free and enslaved, although many of the subjects of the portraits aren’t identified by name. The country abolished the practice of Black slavery in 1888.
  • Brazilian Emperor Pedro II (c. 1875).
  • Pedro Augusto, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (c. 1877), the Emperor’s oldest grandson, son of his youngest daughter, the Princess Leopoldina.
  • Eugen Keller and his Black nanny in Pernambuco (c. 1874).
  • Writer and abolitionist José do Patrocínio (c. 1882). A member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, he was the son of a White man and a once-enslaved Black woman from what is now Ghana.



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